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SHFiguarts BODY KUN CHAN World Tour

SHFiguarts BODY KUN CHAN World Tour

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Regular wooden drawing mannequins can be handy when it comes to studying shading, proportions, and learning to foreshorten… but they just don’t get the job done when it comes to posting. Wooden mannequins are extremely stiff and it can be a pain to really get that special pose you’re looking for.

This is where the Body-kun Drawing Mannequin is an exceptional reference tool to have on hand.

The Body-kun (male) and Body-chan (female) Drawing Mannequins are unique, highly-flexible drawing models that are perfect for learning more about human gestures, proportions, and anatomy.

The Body-kun is the best reference tool to help you excel at drawing dynamic/action poses, as well as realistic human behaviors.

An impressive mannequin, the Body-kun has over 30 articulation points, giving you the freedom and inspiration to create any pose imaginable. The Body-Kun's articulation system has been carefully designed to make sure each and every pose is as humanly realistic and authentic as possible.

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